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Computers in Daily Life Computers are becoming significant and indispensable in many distinct areas namely education, business even in daily life. Actually, in the past, the term computer was just a name for the devices which facilitated the process of calculation. Abacus was one of the first computers due to its benefit to calculation, for instance. Computer which first comes to our minds was designed to calculate complex numbers, too. However, it was such a huge device that it could fill a room. Who could have guessed that the device which used to fill a room would facilitate human beings’ lives or would be a beneficial tool in daily life approximately one hundred later? Computers take a great place in our lives, and thus they have affected daily life in two ways. The first way computers have affected daily life is the concepts in people’s lives. With the advent of computers, some concepts like social media have been adopted by human beings. First of all, social media plays an important role in business. It has made job search process easier. People do not have to find the job by looking for companies one by one anymore thanks to social media since it enables people to look for many various jobs by pressing only one button on the keyboard. To illustrate, on Facebook, there is a page named “Jobs Opportunities for METU Students”, which keeps students informed about job opportunities. Furthermore, people have a chance to advertise their business via social media.…show more content…
Computers have made people adopt the term social media. What is more, computers are facilitators for people to do many processes easily. As the writer Isaac Asimov (1980) indicates, “I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them”. Acknowledging the quotation, I believe that computers will probably continue facilitating daily lives providing that they are used in a proper

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