Essay On Concealed Guns Should Be Banned

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Concealed guns are allowing the public to overcome the dangers in the world, but they are also a danger in many ways. These dangers have lead to many horrific accidents in our present time. These incidents are also causing more people around the world to join in on these events. Concealed guns should be banned because by permitting handguns, it can end up causing more crimes, dangerous people are more likely to carry a gun and endanger the public, and guns can make the public paranoid. A possible concern is threatening weapons that are used too often when a person is causing a crime. For example, crimes all over the world have steered to atrocious incidents caused by concealed guns. This implies that the use of guns is taken for granted all over the world. This means that concealed guns have been the cause of a numerous amount dangers popping up around the world. However, “Carrying a concealed handgun could help stop a public shooting spree.” (Procon) This is proof that if concealed guns were not allowed, then people would not have to worry about public shootings. When owning a gun in…show more content…
An example would be when “the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis” (Wikipedia). This proves that if guns weren’t allowed, the occurrence may have been slowed down to maybe even a halt. Concealed guns in public places such as the Paris streets are dangerous because of the fact that there are crazy people in the world that would do bad things to get attention. On the other hand, “The majority of Americans support allowing the concealed carry of handguns.” This shows that guns are, for some people, are a good thing no matter the dangers. In America, guns are allowed with a permit which allows mostly everyone to have a gun. Carrying a concealed gun in public is dangerous for not only yourself, but the people around you as
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