Essay On Concealed Handguns

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Concealed Protection A concealed handguns can be a tool for the public’s protection. Concealed handguns should be legal in all 50 states because the Second Amendment guarantees it. Most concealed handgun owners are law abiding citizens and it can be used for protection from harm. A U.S. citizen should be given the legal right to protect themselves and others. The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states “...nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction to the equal protection of the laws.” What this is saying is that no state would be allowed to deny the privileges to the citizens. That implies to owning a concealed permit and gun. The Second Amendment says “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State,…show more content…
Did they pass the required safety courses? Do they fit in a category that will have them disqualified? This process needs to happen for anyone who is applying for a concealed carry permit. Not only can a concealed handgun protect you but it can protect the general public. There have been cases where a concealed gun has saved lives other than their owns. Colorado Springs have had cases like that. In Colorado Springs, a man went crazy and killed four people before entering a church. A volunteer security guard, who was carrying a concealed carry permit and a licensed gun shot the man before he could kill any more people. The security guard saved more than 100 lives. There have been three school shootings that have been stopped because a responsible adult had a firearm(David B. Kopel). Mass killers have a tendency to surrender themselves at the first sign of resistance. If there are no police in the area or the response call takes to long, a gun can be used to protect yourself. By the time the police are called, the attacker will have left the scene. The majority of calls happen when the crime has been committed and the criminal has left the scene. By then, there is no need for an immediate response(Richard W. Stevens). A gun could be used to protect yourself and/or stop the fleeing
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