Essay On Confederate Civil War Memorials

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A growing problem in the United States has been the removal of Confederate Civil War Memorials. When posed with the question “What should the United States do with/about Confederate Civil War memorials and statues?” I would side with those opposed to the removal. Today I will share with you my three main reasons why these Confederate Civil War memorials should not be removed. First, history repeats itself and if future generations cannot learn from the past we will be no better off in the future. Second, some of the Confederate Civil War memorials proposed to be taken down do not have a bad past as some believe. Third, some southerners will feel humiliated for something that happened to their past generations. Most historians would agree that history repeats itself. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana). If our future generations cannot see the memorials of our past Confederate War Hero’s there is a good chance that…show more content…
George Washington was instrumental in the winning of the revolutionary war. He might have owned slaves but without him our country would be different today. What many people don’t know is Washington struggled with slavery his entire life but he could not legally free his slaves until Martha and himself had both died. In his will he left a not saying once Martha died that all of the slaves at Mount Vernon would be emancipated. Once Martha died the elderly and sick slaves were cared for under Washington’s estate and all of the slaves would be taught how to read and write. Today people might not understand how Washington really felt and what really happened. All they have heard is that he owned slaves and they stop listening. If statues of George Washington are removed out future generations will not know the courage and determination our forefathers had while founding this great
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