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The Confederation Era was a happy time in the history of Canada. It was when high folk from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the province of Canada, officially initiated a new country called the Dominion of Canada. That time was also when they set up the 2 levels of government: federal and provincial. Each province had its own rules and have control of different things like educational changes are provincial and health-care is federal. When Confederation was established, that day was celebrated as Dominion Day until 1982 when it was changed to Canada Day. For many immigrants and generations of family this was a joyful moment but with the changes that happened there were some discomforting moments in the time. Many people started terrorizing…show more content…
The Conservative party isn’t doing much and if they continue to be in power we might have another confederation era but without the joyness of freedom. The aren’t many jobs available here in the Brampton East region. The taxes are slowly increasing because the Conservatives are just building new roads and not doing much for the betterment of the country. The NDP party said they will bring back the lost jobs but what about the crime in Canada. The Liberal party is making marijuana legal. This is a very bad decision but they are fixing everything the Conservative and the NDP are forgetting to fix. Crime and terrorism The crime back then was pretty high because of the government themselves. They made people lose jobs and as we’ve seen from movies and history when people don’t make money they choose to join crime because people go to great lengths to make money. In modern times such as these weapons and firearms have increased and been widely available to everyone. The sell guns at the flea-market. The reason for crime in that age was the need for money, the crime in this age is for the need for money too. Over the 150 years Canada really hasn’t improved as much as we thought. Job/House

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