Essay On Confessional Poetry

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The anxiety of identity and despair are the features of modern literature. Confessional poetry which is intensely personal and highly subjective is a branch of modern poetry. The twentieth century witnesses a plethora of Indian writers that flooded the literary scene. One of the fast developing genres of Indian literature is poetry. The study of Indian English poetry is incomplete without the study of women poets. In the poetry of Indian women poets of modern age, their silences speak more and better than the words do. The women poets in the post-independence India emphasise their feminine sensibilities vis-á-vis search for identity in a unique and creative way. Apart from the expression of self and identity, their poetry captures the moments of intense experiences of private life with all its uniqueness and immediacy. The confessional…show more content…
D. Snodgrass. Confessional poetry is a division of contemporary poetry. Vividly self-revelatory verses, confessional poetry are expressions of personality and never an escape from it. Confessional poetry thus translates autobiographical facts as there is overtone of struggle, improvisation and resistance. Many Indian women poets too have written their poetry in confessional mode revealing their personal experiences of their shattered life. They find in their writings a medium to express their pent-up feelings. They have expressed their feelings and emotion without inhibition in their works. A woman’s life is a dehumanizing and humiliating experience in a patriarchal society. Kamala Das and many other women poets of India manifest such experiences in their poetry in manifold forms of authenticity, candour, boldness, ebullient frankness, vehement assertion, sadness
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