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George W. Bush’s statement regarding the conflict in the Middle East was accurate. Although Bush made this statement as an outsider he was correcting stating that the conflict has been continuing for too long considering it has been on going for over 100 years. Many Israeli and Palestinian citizens have been killed in during this time period of. Amongst those killed are soldiers as well as civilians and children. The people in the Middle East have lived in fear all this time as no one is safe from the on going violence and terror. The conflict in the Middle East is very complex as both the Israeli and Palestinians Believe that the land they are fighting over is sacred to them and thus they refuse to give up and will go to extremes to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs. This conflict has been going on for many years and has inflicted terror on all those who live in the region, as no lives are spared, not even the lives of those who are not participating in the war.
(Vandanam, A. 18 May 2010)

The conflict in the Middle East is mainly due to religious differences. It all started in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration. This
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Israeli forces invaded Egypt and pushed towards the clan, later British and French military forces joined which caused the USSR to respond and also get involved. The USSR wanted to gain a foothold in the Middle East and so supplied the Egyptians with arms and threatened the other forces with nuclear warfare if they did not withdraw. The USA responded to these threats by threatening the other forces with economic sanctions as the USA was worried about the USSR’s nuclear threat. The USA’s threats were effective and Britain and France withdrew their military forces and in 1957 Israel finally bowed to the US pressure. This secured the USA’s foothold in the Middle East. The USA is still actively involved in the Middle East due to their interest in the

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