Essay On Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

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Conflict resolution happens often in the workplace that can either drive or disturb employees, supervisors, a team, and an entire organization. When supervisors allow conflict resolution to fester without taking immediate action, it can lead the organization into an unhealthy environment. In this paper, the topic for discussion will analyze various strategies that can be utilized to control and manage conflict resolution in the workplace, and the role of the supervisor during conflict resolution situations. In addition, a discussion will include how the workplace and its customers are impacted by a diverse workforce. Conflict Resolution Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, especially in a diverse workforce where employees possess different approaches to his or her job and come from various backgrounds, who share a common work space within an organization (SHRM, 2015). Conflict should always be resolved that include many steps supervisors take to resolve issues, and promote a healthy environment for all employees. Supervisors and HR professionals play a significant role in mitigating workplace…show more content…
Supervising a diverse workforce can include various perspectives and cultural backgrounds that can lead to disagreements and frustrations. It is important to offer continuous coaching to surface the respect and understanding of how each employee can work together and lessen future conflict. This paper included an analysis regarding conflict in a diverse workforce, and the supervisor’s role in working with team members to understand the importance of overcoming and maintaining awareness in conflicted situations. The discussion also included strategies on how to coach and mentor employees to respect diverse perspectives, and contribute to a harmonious and interconnected
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