Essay On Congressional Term Limits

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Congressional term limits have been what restricted the amount of time that anyone can work in office whether it be to a representative, senator, or even the president. People have debated over keeping or losing the term limits, since each come with their own benefits and faults at the same time. In the argument for term limits, some may argue that they are necessary because, “Congress will be more responsible toward their constituents because they will soon be constituents themselves” (Weeks). The validity in this statement proves to be one of the strongest arguments because the creation of laws is mean to serve all people, and if the people in office had complete immunity, it would serve unfair and unjust to the rest of society. For this reason, it always will make those in office consider how impactful and…show more content…
This is the case in that one main reason against the term limits is, “When one’s terms are up in one office, that politician can run for another office…” (Weeks). The results of this would lead for more experienced government officials to voice their opinions through what they have learned from the past. Not to mention, with their help some knowledge and insight could be passed on to fellow officials causing for an overall stronger government to be put to work. A similar idea to this is members to be able to stay as long as possible in government until they are not doing their job. This statement can be backed up by the fact that, “…historically the incumbent is re-elected 90% of the time” (Weeks). To make this complete, it leaves almost no chance for new members to enter congress due to how well known the previous congress member is. Not to mention that, if and when a congress member starts to fail his or her duties, it makes it easier for newly elected officials to take their spot as soon as possible. Resulting in a faster fix for the error that was in
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