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CONJUNCTIVITIS is the inflammation of the conjunctiva also known as (pink-eye). It is caused by viruses, bacteria or irritants. That cause redness and a discharge from eyes and sensitivity to light. It’s more common in little children, the plus side is it only lasts a couple of days with anti-biotic ointment or drops. You can contract it by having poor hygiene, getting debris and other bacteria in your eye, using someone else’s eye drops or ointments. It something that you would prefer not to get, it will have you in miserable for several days. But with this presentation I will show you how to avoid getting it and how to treat it. First how can you contract conjunctivitis (Pink eye)? You can catch it virally like the common cold. With this you would have to let it run its course, which can usually take several days. Virally is the most contagious way you can contract this illness and the ways you can spread pink eye by touching a surface and other people touching the same surface and touching their face. You can also catch pink eye by touching your eye to the infected eye to eye drops or ointments then using it in the uninfected eye. Finally you should never use anyone else’s contact lenses because there is a specific type of bacteria that is linked pink eye and should take your contacts out and wear your glasses(if available).…show more content…
You can also catch conjunctivitis by other bacteria, related to sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s) that can be cured with the use of antibiotics. Finally, you can contract conjunctivitis by allergy related pink eye and Antihistamines either oral or eye drops, and if you get allergy related conjunctivitis you should contact your doctor as soon as

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