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The Definition and Connotation of Art
All humans require ways to channel their inner feelings; usually through expression. As humans changed over time, so did their means of communication. Thus, art became a primary channel of expression because of its effectiveness and versatility. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, art is defined as “skill; display, application, or expression.” While this basic definition accurately depicts art in a literal sense, it fails to provide specific information regarding the nature, purpose, or methods by which art is created and practiced. Thus, art can be defined as a skill used by humans to express and communicate that normally utilizes the creative process to create works or products that can be abstract or concrete.
Over time, the definition of art has undergone minimal change because it generally refers to a skill used by humans from a specific field of knowledge. However, in the late fourteenth century, art referred to the seven arts,
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For example, a song or piece of music is art because it requires skill to produce and communicate a message within notes. One must first understand how to write and play music to produce art in musical form. Additionally, music revolves around the expression of human emotion; an abstract concept that can have both concrete and imaginary connotations. Similarly, dance uses technical and physical skill to produce artistic and expressive works. In fact, ballet often tells a complex story through movement. This feat requires both technical skill and creativity. Choreographers and dancers alike need knowledge of dance in order to effectively communicate a theme to an audience. Because dance often utilizes music, the two art forms share a deep connection, which allows for an even more effective communication of an idea or concept. Thus, music and dance are two exemplary forms of

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