Essay On Consequences Of Spanking On Children

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The consequences of spanking your child
What does spanking actually mean? According to Webster dictionary, spanking means “to strike especially on the buttocks with the open hand.” Spanking still remains one of the most used forms of discipline even with all of the information available about the negative effect spanking has on the child. I believe that if parents were educated on the effects of spanking many parents would stop using spanking. The parents would use another form of discipline. Using spanking as a form of discipline doesn’t not work and effects the child severely in many different ways. Spanking has negative effect
Spanking your child is not any more effective than any other form of
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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not support the use of spanking as a form of discipline. In fact, the use of spanking does not work anymore than any other form of discipline.
The AAP believes that spanking becomes less effective every time the parent use it. As well as making it more difficult to effectively discipline the child. Instead of spanking, the AAP suggest parents use time-outs. Putting the child in time-out would meant the child would have not interaction with anyone. Therefore, giving the child time to calm down and think about what they did wrong. When the child is finished in time out the parent would be able to explain to the child why they were in trouble. Time-out would help them learn a lesson and help prevent the child from repeating the negative behavior. In contrast where spanking involves yelling and the child being very upset. In spanking there is no calm interaction between the parent and child. Spanking

does not allow the necessary dialog between the parent and child in order for the child to learn their lesson. (Park, A., 2010)
Before a parent decides to use spanking as a form of discipline I believe they should

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