Essay On Conservation Of Animals

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Animals are found in most of the countries in the world. However, the number of animals is falling every day (The End Times Prophecy, n.d.) because of weak cognition of people, such as killing animals for food, fur and horn. People only look immediate benefits without looking further. It is easy to lead to extinction of animals. Therefore, people have to protect animals because animals have many benefits. For example, animals contribute to ecological balance and economic development. Moreover, animals also protect the life of people. Thus, conservation of animals is crucial. Preservation of animals is also a way to make the economy much development. For example, wildlife tourism has a great contribution to the growth of tourism as well as economy with £276 million a year for the Scottish economy (Scottish wildlife, 2012). Moreover, Scotland is a country having a great number of wildlife and habitats (Scottish wildlife,…show more content…
Firstly, animals can predict the weather. For example, not only elephants, but also many other animals, still survived after the Asian Tsunami in 2004 because they were able to feel shakes in the ground with the help of their large feet (Seaworld parks and entertainment, n.d). Although this ability of elephants found out after Tsunami happened, it could help people to beware of this disaster in the future. Secondly, animals have a big contribution to medicine. To illustrate this point, Sharks hold a cholesterol-like compound in their tissue that could treat some hazardous diseases, such as dengue fever and hepatitis (Hauser. A, 2015). This discovery of the scientists makes patients not to worry about their illness because Dengue Fever caused the death of more than 25000 people every year in the past (Dengue Fever – a growing problem, n.d.). Therefore, animals not only ward off the natural disasters, but also treat the dangerous illnesses. As a result, animals make the life of people
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