Essay On Conservation Of Animals In Zoos

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The topic is "Discuss some of the arguments for and against the conservation of animals in zoos".
This is an important topic, but it should not be taken lightly because of its complexity.
Many peoples know that opinions about this type of question can be diverse and numerous, because for a large part of people on earth the arguments are against, in the sense to enclose or keep animals in the zoos is a kind of Imprisonment And that anyway these animals are overdue and afterwards for the other party, having them in the zoos is a good idea, somehow a chance to see, to have access to rare animals such as bears, the Tigers. .. that one is accustomed to seeing on television more closely and to know more about their way of life.


For the development of this questionnaire, I
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It is visited and a nature reserve is a place that serves the proper functioning of the ecosystem, to mitigate the damage we will say. A conservation space with a better living condition for animals.

["The place of the animal" / Editions L 'Harmattan / June 1, 2002 - 336 pages]

For a small part, 32% had the chance to visit a wildlife park, a giant zoo in the open air, while for the most part, 68% had access only to the zoos.
Often, natural parks are located in countries of the South, such as the African continent, Asia, in places often "extreme" habitats, inaccessible, protected because they are of no interest to the timber industry, Agriculture, and livestock, which is not too much the case in Europe.


Visiting a zoo is educational for 60% of participants because 48% are for "sometimes", 8% for "almost every time" and the last 4% are "every time". In Western Europe, going to a zoo with a school is something unusual because it is a form of learning, from a very young age, to know the existence of some animals while learning more about their mode Life and their

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