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A conspiracy theory is something that explains an event or set of circumstances that are the result of a secret plot usually by a group of powerful people, sometimes the government themselves. The word theory does not apply when there is evidence to back-up a claim, this claim now becomes a possibility.

There have been many examples of conspiracy theories throughout history such as, was Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone when he shot President Kennedy, was Princess Diana was really killed by accident. One of the most infamous conspiracy theories in recent history centred on September 11th 2001(9/11), when three passenger jets crashed into some of America’s most iconic landmarks, the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. This act was thought
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CNN initially did not report any obvious plane wreckage. This particular report was only aired once, why? Could the American government have collaborated with CNN to manipulate the reporting of this event? It is well documented that governments across the globe have historically manipulated news and distributed propaganda to their own citizens, the American government included. A recent example being Tony Blair and George Bush’s dossier of lies claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which led to Western allies invading Iraq. The motives for this war were entirely in the interests of the American and British governments, it was later proven that Iraq never did have any weapons of mass…show more content…
No other footage has ever been provided from a high security building where cameras should be filming every angle. This could either imply the Pentagon has lax security, which is unlikely, or that the CIA are withholding information. No explanation has been given why the date and time on the still images reads September 12th at 5:47PM. In these 5 frames there is no image of an aircraft crashing, just a large explosion. If flight 77 really did hit Pentagon where is the unequivocal evidence of

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