Essay On Constitutional Framers

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The American Constitution is recognized as one of the greatest documents to ever have been formed in American history. It changes and evolves with the times as needed to form to new and improved American ways. As great as the document is, some questions still arise from it such as, were the framers of the Constitution democrats or elitists, and how democratic is our constitution? In this essay I will answer these questions and provide information to validate my answers. Our constitutional framers were definitely nothing more or less than elitists. The theoretical view held by many social scientists that American politics is best understood through the generalization that nearly all political power is held by a relatively small and wealthy group of people sharing…show more content…
The Legislative Branch, which makes laws, houses the Congress, Senate, and the House of Representatives. The Executive Branch, which carries out laws, houses the President, Vice Present, and The Cabinet. Lastly the Judicial Branch, which evaluates laws, houses The Supreme Court, and other Federal Courts. These branches make checks and balances on each other to ensure that no one branch can have more power than the other, to further ensure a balanced power within the government. "Democratic" is the alignment with the principle of one person, one vote, also known as majority rule. Dahl applauds the Framers of the Constitution as "men of exceptional talent and virtue" (p. 7) who made amazing progress in the creation of our republican government. Dahl also points out that innovation and change in democratic techniques and idea continued even after the Constitution was created, and the American system has not adopted all of those new ideas. He says that the Founders were partially constrained by public opinion, which included maintenance of the sovereignty of the thirteen
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