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Constraction: On Air Building a constraction model is different from building an usual brick model. First you must have a decent collection of parts in the scheme you want to build in, and a basic understanding of how to work with technic parts. You must also have standard computer knowledge. You should not start out by completely sorting out all of your constraction parts. Constraction has too many different categories to separate them logically. Also you should avoid using your teeth to take pieces apart, as most constraction parts are made of a soft plastic and will show teeth marks all to well. When you start building a model you should be careful to stick to a single theme and keep it clean and uncluttered. Models that have too much greebling do not look good contrary to whatever you may think. There…show more content…
Legs are the most important part of the model. If you don't make them correctly your model with have balance issues and will inevitably fall over. For larger models it is a good idea to choose feet with a large radius to cover more ground to fix this issue. Legs for larger models should be bulked up evenly and stiff so they can hold up the rest of the body without assistance from any props. Now hands can be a single piece or many. Small mocs can use fingers, but typically they are 3d printed off sites like Shapeways if they do. On the opposite side of the spectrum, large mocs have a variety of options when it comes to hands. They can use Voya Nui Matoran limbs as fingers or a more common technique is classic Exo-Force robot arms which when connected to a t-bar make perfect hands. The head can really be built at anytime, but it should be in proportion with the rest of the model. You can't choose a small mask to put on a big model and expect it to look well done. It doesn't matter what the mask does in canon it will still look completely
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