Essay On Construction Management

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“Construction management is a bridge that connects creativity and reality”. An architect intending to pursue masters in construction management is quite unlikely. Not to mention I realized my interest for construction management as a student of architecture and as an architect in the construction industry. My inclination towards sketching buildings from my childhood has nurtured my interest for architecture. It is not the mere aesthetical elements that caught my attention but the transformation of space through various clairvoyant elements that can only be felt, engendered my cravenness for architecture.
Having said that securing 91.4% in 12th grade exam and my performance in Nation aptitude test for architecture (NATA) aided me to obtain a position in School of architecture and planning, Anna University ranked among top 10 in India and No.1 in the state of Tamil Nadu. I had a preconception that architecture is a course concerning with designing building. However School of architecture and planning changed the way I perceived architecture.
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When I started to figure out how construction field works in reality and how to overcome these deterrents, I found an adept management skills makes all the difference. Construction management acts as a bridge between creativity and reality. If we build that bridge stronger it will back us, our entire life connecting our stellar ideas with the real life situations. Especially for an architect, getting hands on in construction management is always an added value. Furthermore in a country like India were construction industry is stimulated by advanced technology and innovations, having an interdisciplinary background adds extra feather to the
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