Essay On Constructive Criticism

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In order to ensure a well-run purposeful program that is responsive to participants needs, I am always available when another co-worker is in need of assistance or support. It 's very important that I work together with them as a team to make sure all children are comfortable and happy around their teachers and caretakers. I benefit greatly when receiving constructive criticism or feedback because I want to be the best teacher I can to my children. i keep trusting and professional relationships with my program 's supervisors and owners. I am very responsible in making sure that state regulations and licensing is being followed at all times. Making sure the correct ratio of each child to a teacher is done always so each child has a caretaker to give the children the proper attention they need. I show great confidence and a positive attitude for any program I 'm a part of. All parents, guardians, and other members of the community must know how rewarding and educational the center they are sending their children to is. I recognize signs and symptoms of potential physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse. I am…show more content…
As a teacher and caretaker it is important to me that I use the appropriate techniques to observe and record all children 's behaviors. I examine their behaviors regularly using different evidence and gathering the right information to help improve their development and learning. I treat all my children as individuals and understand each one 's strengths and needs. I use my understandings to create activities and use particular strategies to increase their knowledge. I constantly look back on my experiences to re-evaluate my self, so the children 's environment and curriculum is accommodated with them. I am mindful towards any child with special needs and apply them properly by using IEPs. I utilize all resources such as the PS Learning Standards and Birth-3 Early Learning Standards in support of my curriculum. I acknowledge all families hopes for cultural
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