Essay On Consumer Attitudes

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2.4.1 Attitudes
The study of attitudes has become an important aspect in both the arena of advertising and consumer behavior. A possible reason behind this is that it helps predicting consumer behaviors such as purchase decision, brand choice and evaluation (De Mooij, 2010; Leon, Schiffman, Kanuk, & Hansen, 2012; Mitchell & Olson 1981; Schiffman & Kanuk, 2004; Solis, 2011). It is stated that anything that an individual has an attitude or internal evaluation is regarded as an attitude objective (Solomon et al., 2010). Attitudes also to a great extent influence an individual’s decision-making (Fill, 2009) and purchase behavior (Leon, Schiffman, Kanuk, & Hansen, 2012). Schiffman and Kanuk (2004) also suggested that consumers’ preference depends on their attitudes towards the product.
In terms of defining attitudes, researchers in both the fields of consumer behavior and advertising generally hold similar perspectives. Fishbein (1967) defined attitudes as a learned predisposition of humanity. Consistent to Fishbein’s (1967) standpoint, Schiffman and Kanuk (2004) noted that consumers’ attitudes towards an object are not inherent but learned through experiences, word-of-mouth communication or exposure to mass media
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This component can be related to an individual’s loyalty to the brand, purchase intentions or actual buying behavior towards the attitude object (Broderick and Pickton, 2005; Evans et al., 2008). The purchase behavior of an individual is believed to be influenced by the cognitive and affective components of attitudes (Evans et al., 2008). In the field of marketing and consumer behavior research, the conative component is often regarded as an expression of the consumers’ intentions to purchase (Leon, Schiffman, Kanuk, & Hansen,
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