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Containment in Cuba How did the containment policy work against communism in Cuba? With World War 2 just ending countries in Europe were experiencing poverty. Then another so called war between the Soviet Union and the U.S. came up fighting to make countries communist and noncommunist. The Soviets wanted countries to become Communist so they could have friends. While the U.S was trying to make countries democratic to have friends So the Cold War began. The Cuban missile crisis was all political, it began when the U.S put nuclear weapons in turkey and pointed them at the Soviet Union which Americans though was totally okay. Until the Soviet Union sent Nuclear missiles to Cuba to point at the U.S. Now president John F. Kennedy got satellite…show more content…
Geographically things were going to be bad. If the Soviets and Americans launched their nukes it would be devastating to the earth. Destroying the earth 's atmosphere and making a real life fallout situation. JFK decided to blockade Cuba surrounding the island in ships. This could have led to starvation in Cuba but the Cuban missile crisis barely lasted 2 weeks. The containment policy kinda worked and kinda didn 't work. U.S started it by putting nukes in Turkey now why would they think that is okay. Soviets can 't do it but America can, what kinda thinking is that. JFK and the CIA didn 't need to try to assassinate Fidel Castro and fail 682 times. They just needed to talk it out like adults, and say if you take them out of Cuba we take them out of Turkey. That 's what happened when JFK started getting nervous and talked to Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. That 's how the Cuban missile crisis ended with only 1 death. The Cuban missile crisis was a peaceful ending. But could’ve easily been dodged by negotiation instead of threats. Fidel Castro and Cuba were just being the Soviets puppets because they didn 't even know Russia agreed with the U.S to pull all nuclear arms back. What do you think? Was America doing the right thing by putting nuclear weapons in

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