Essay On Continuous Professional Development

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Teachers as a professionals have a great responsibility to improve their profession, in order to perform their daily tasks of teaching and learning process. Every professional should have a deeper understanding in the subject he/she taught and pedagogy. Teachers are lifelong learners so; they should keep themselves up-to-date on the major developments affecting their profession. Regarding to the above idea Schultz (2001), explained that our environment is complex, dynamic, and unpredictable due to technology change and related factors. Thus, to handle with this dynamic and unpredictable environment, teachers need to update their knowledge regularly in addition to their pre-service training. As MOE (2009) stated, there are two ways in which teachers develop their subject content and pedagogy. Continuous professional development (CPD) is one of the strategies used by Ethiopian government for professional development. Day (1999) defined CPD as a practice by which teachers dig out their knowledge, extend their professional skills and emotional intelligence essential to good professional…show more content…
It is a process which considers the tangible situation of the local environment specifically classroom practice to improve knowledge, skill and attitude of teachers. Enhancing the knowledge of subject content and pedagogical skills of teachers through training is the key function of a government because it leads to the enhancement of students’ academic and learning achievement. They are expected to change themselves all the time because our world is rapidly changing in every aspect. To perform this, teacher CPD program is the essential one which is integrated with different courses for all teaches at any career level which enable them to own sustainable professional development in teaching (Afewerk,
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