Essay On Continuum Of Care

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There are many things that define and promotes the use of accreditation as a means of accountability across the continuum of care. The market, regulation, and professionalism all affect the use of accreditation as a means of accountability across the continuum of care. The role of the market play in defining and promoting the use of accreditation as means of accountability across the continuum of care is that money talks. Health care purchasers and consumers can use money as a mean to stimulate organizations to improve quality by either rewarding or punishing the organization base on performance or progress. (1) Healthcare consumers and purchasers are demanding more information regarding quality of care. With this increase in demand and availability of ratings of healthcare organizations has allowed consumers and purchasers power to choice how and where they spend their money. With the explosive growth in collection of organizational quality information has greatly expanded the quantity and, in some instances, the quality of health care information available to the public. Although there is no direct link proving that…show more content…
Regulation is when the government establishes a set of standards to which all parties must adhere. The United States healthcare regulation has been strongly influenced by professionals. The government has often allows regulatory requirements to be satisfied by fulfilling the standards established by professional associations, or public and private organizations that are primarily overseen by professionals. (1) Having a regulatory system ensures that healthcare organizations are giving quality and consistent care to everyone. Having a regulatory systems allows healthcare organizations to have accountability in showing that the organization are meeting standard well established quality of
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