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Law involves group of rules which community employs to regulate actions of its members (individuals or organization. To ensure members abide by the regulations or rules enacted by the jurisdiction body, penalties are imposed to anyone who violates them. People must be disciplined to make sure that there are no disputes or conflicts or violations witnessed in a community. The objectives of these rules are used in the first place to have peaceful and secure neighborhoods to and preserve rights within the community. Thus, rules must be clear and not complicated to be followed to achieve the set objectives.

b. Role of laws in traditional and modern societies:
Conventional law is a group of standards which are set to guide individuals in all parts of their life. Law is focused around the society's otherworldly convictions that were set down before mankind. Conventional law is still vital to life in few groups. It is still legitimate in all old groups or even advanced groups. Conventional law is straightforward, stronger and more lead situated.

In the other hand, law in a present day society is denser and intricate, with an inclination to end up less altered, less manage situated, and more optional.

c. The Sources of Oman Law:
Oman has three basic sources of law. The first and
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If an employee is blamed for submitting an offense or wrongdoing inside the spot of work the employer may suspend him from work for a period not surpassing three months from the date of the official communication was made to the respective authority in regards to the suspension. The employer can deduct his full salary in the first month and he can be only paid in the second and third months a 50% of the gross salary. On the off chance that the respective jurisdiction chooses not to confer the employee for a trial, or if the time of his suspension is over, or he has been absolved, he might be reestablished and the formerly suspended amounts of his salary should be paid to

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