Convergent Thinking Theory Essay

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Most of the studies concluded that the most significant characteristic of creative individuals is “an almost aesthetic ability to recognize a good problem in their domain” (R.K. Sawyer, 2006, p. 47).This means that a person chooses a domain that fits his or her predispositions, for e.g., a musician may need to be more extraverted than a visual artist.

Intelligence and creativity: the "threshold hypothesis"

It has been assumed that intelligence, of an above-average level, represents an important condition for creativity. Guilford (1967) was one of the first to find a proper relationship linking intelligence to creativity. He found a positive linear relationship in the lower to average IQ range (IQ = 120) but no correlation was found at above-average levels of intelligence (IQ above 120).
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Meta-analytic findings propose that the correlation between creative potential and intelligence generally is around r = .20 (Kim, 2005).The concept that high intellectual capacity is an important condition for high creativity is known as the “threshold hypothesis”. According to this hypothesis the relationship between intelligence and creativity is U-shaped .Therefore the main idea concerning the threshold hypothesis is that high creativity requires high or at least above-average intelligence.

The associative hierarchy of Mednick

In his paper "The associative basis of the creative process" Mednick S.A (1962) elaborated on the associative interpretation of the process of creative thinking. Accordingly, there are three ways in which creative solutions may be achieved:
1. serendipity
2. similarity
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