Narrative Essay On Coping With Death

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Coping with death can be one of the hardest things in life that a person can experience. When someone we love is dying, it can be hard to accept the circumstance and letting go. This is why communication as well as how a person griefs, forms of mourning, and the impact of the death affects an individual during this complicated time. Communication is so important when it comes to death. It is best for the person that is dying as well as any family or friends to be aware of the situation, so that they can say their goodbyes and spend the lasts bit of time that is left how they wish. I remember when I was about ten years old my great grand mother who my family was very close to, was passing away. The doctors had told us that she would slowly…show more content…
There was a visitation in the church which then followed the actual burial. For my family this was the best way for closure for everyone and a time to gather with loved love ones. After this was all completed my family would try to move on with their lives. This was their way to mourn properly that would help the family have happy memories of my great grandmother. The impact my grandmothers death had on me was very harsh considering I was so young and that she was the first person to die that was very close to me. I was not prepared on what to expect but it is something that everyone in this world experiences. After she had passed I became more thankful for every morning that I woke up a healthy child with a loving family. I learned to cherish the moments I had with family and friends because you never know when that day will be your last. My great grandmothers passing was hard on be but it taught me the value of life and how I should enjoy each day. Death of a loved one is not easy but realizing that everyone has their time on this earth can help with coping. People deal with death differently so do be afraid to open up and talk with someone about how you are
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