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Coping with Stress Coping means how people face their everyday problems. Coping depends on your psychological responses to stress, their judgment in an event, their attention, and their goals to result they desire. Dealing also depend on social context and interpersonal relationships. It may affect them to express what they feel. If person that dealing with stress have communicated with other people, his or her will become a strong person because someone gives time and listen to his or her problem. Every person who are facing stressful days, need to exercise on how to cope these problems. When you know how to manage your stress, you will not think everyday on what is your purpose in life yet you’re going to be strong on what life gives to you.…show more content…
Forgiving is also the best way to avoid your stress, if you try to forgive the person that have mistaken on you, you will feel happiness and piece in your heart. Seventh stress management strategy is Make time for fun and relaxation, you can reduce your stress by relaxing your mind. If your regularly having time for fun you will avoid your stressors in daily life. Last strategy is Adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are other healthy lifestyle choices than regular exercise like eating healthy diet, start your day right with eating your breakfast and do not skip your meal so that you will have full-energy every day. Reducing caffeine and sugar because it will end your day with a crash in mood and energy. If you reduce drinking or eating coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and sugar snacks you’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll sleep better. Avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs may help you to reduce your stress. Deal with your problems with your clear mind so that it will end in a good way. You need to have an enough hour of sleep because feeling tired will increase your stress because it may cause you think

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