Essay On Cormac Mccarthy The Road

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In The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the significance of truth is what the boy has come to believe along their journey, which is that himself and his father are the “good guys” and the people they encounter along the road are the “bad guys”. Throughout the book the boy continuously asks his father things like “are we still the good guys?” and “were they the bad guys?” and his father continues to give him validation and goes on to tell him that they are the good guys and everyone else they see is bad. I feel that throughout the story the boy comes to realize that they are not the good guys because he sees the way his father treats those innocent people that they have encountered, but he thinks it is necessary that he believes him and his father are…show more content…
He does tell his father that he is aware of the fact that he may be lying when he tells the boy that they are not dying but his father acknowledges his lies saying “Okay. I might. But we are still not dying.” The significance of trust in this novel is the relationship between the father and his son. It is significant because the only person the boy has to trust is his father and in order to survive they must have all their trust in one another to help them develop a closer bond so they do not end up alone. The only option for the two of them is to have total trust in one another because if they do not then they will not know if anyone else out there can be trusted such as their encounter with the man that pulled a knife on the boy and tried to convince them to go to the truck with him and his other men. The truth in this novel is harsh because it is unknown. There are many things that could be true that the father and the boy may not know OR the father may know but does not want to tell the boy because of the harsh reality of their situation and he wants to protect his son from the bad that has become of the
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