Essay On Corporal Punishment Should Be Allowed In School

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How would you feel if your heart was beating rapidly, and sweat running down your face and all of a sudden getting slapped by one of your favorite teachers? Well if this has never happened to you, you are in luck because many states and countries still allow this type of brutality. One of the biggest controversies of today is that if corporal punishment should be allowed in school. These kinds of punishments make a child feel unwanted or hated. Parents should give permission for a teacher to do this. A child soon becomes fearful of an environment that they should really feel open to! Corporal Punishment used to be very common back then. Flogging has been a punishment in schools since 1804. It is rumored even Jesus was flogged before he was…show more content…
Many believe that it shouldn’t be the law that decides someone’s actions. This is like someone telling you that you can’t be what you have been for your whole life. It has been tested that the people that were abused as a child are more likely to abuse other children as they grow up, Also, young parents, it is more likely someone with more responsibilities and not knowing how to really handle any of them at the same time. Someone old handling a job and 3 kids, and having to make enough money to feed them and if not, then they have bad outcomes. Young adults will not be able to handle that nearly as well. 82.6 % of adults 25-36 abuse their kid as their child is 2-14. Some adults cannot handle a child but of course cannot give it up either. They try doing their best to impact their child’s lives but sometimes they believe their life is just a handful. Making a law on corporal punishment would just add more pressure to the adults lives. As a free-speech advocate, I believe that adults should have access to any material they want. As a parent, and a community member, I think people should be able to protect their homes from imagery - much of it violent - that is, I feel, a form of child abuse when adult society inflicts it upon children. -Naomi
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