Importance Of Corporate Philanthropy

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Many companies strive to achieve goodwill of the brand name in its relevant industry. Competitors try hard to outperform each other in every significant arena. Organizations apply many techniques to surpass each other. Corporate philanthropy is a kind of a technique which many companies tend to follow. Corporate philanthropy is essential to make a change in a society. It helps to create a good image of a company in front of people. It not only benefits a company but also help others to solve societal problem. Philanthropic activities may ranges from financial contributions to employee volunteering on any particular event. Some examples could be donating money to a charity, volunteering at a local shelter, or raising money to donate to cancer…show more content…
Many food businesses have taken this step of donating their surplus food through volunteers or food redistribution centers. It is easier for them to redistribute the additional food because they make those foods furthermore donating their excess food is simple because it is cheaper than dumping it. However, not only food businesses can run this food drive but also other profitable organization can run this food relief. According to Vlaholias, Thompson, Every & Dawson (2015) donating whatever thing food, money or cloth can add to one’s self-image as an altruistic, empathetic, and socially responsible person. Riches, G. (2011) argues that the growing income inequality demographics are not being able to feed themselves due to lack of income required buying food. As a result, food redistribution initiative can lead to solution to this problem. Batson and Shaw (1991) label these proactive responses as “empathic joy or joy of…show more content…
Volunteers might face negative behaviors from others but they need to endeavor to overcome negative emotions through creating a positive experience. “To be truly concerned about improving human settlement, planners need to incorporate food issues into their working model” Pothukuchi & Kaufman (2000). Therefore Graphic Tech should open a food bank and hire employees to collect the surplus foods. The employees will have the authority to keep volunteers or paid workers to assist them in distribution of food to the needy. A small initiative can put a smile on so many faces. Finally I would like to conclude my statement by suggesting a video to watch “Share My Dabba”. The URL is provided in the reference

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