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Cosmetic Burns and how to cure it It is an irony that beauty is defined by the physical appearance of a person. Even after so years of evolution, men and women still think that they need to have smooth and fair skin to be called beautiful. Advancement of technology has introduced various creams, lotions, procedures and surgical treatments which can actually make changes to your complexion and skin tone. However, many cosmetic procedures used by salons make use of very strong chemicals. These chemicals might not suit every skin type. Chemical peels and chemicals such as salicylic acid are used in various cosmetic procedures and these can cause a lot of irritation and damage to the skin. Many of the bleaches used to whiten the skin and some facials can also cause the skin to burn.…show more content…
Facial burns can cause respiratory complications in a person and burns on the eyelids can be extremely painful since this part of our body has the thinnest layer of skin. A person who has suffered from cosmetic burns might also experience mental and emotional trauma depending upon the severity and amount of burns. Treating burns on the face and neck is slightly tough since the skin on these areas is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. Although it might take time to heal a person emotionally, it is possible to cure cosmetic burns through a variety of procedures: 1. Cold splash – First and foremost, you need to splash cold water on the affected area. When you feel the slightest burning sensation or see any redness/swelling on the skin, clean your skin and splash cold water on it. Rubbing an ice cube will also help to provide some relief from the burning sensation. It also helps to soothe the skin and prevents blisters from forming. You can massage your skin with an ice cube till the irritation subsides. Refrain from using any soap on the face since it can trigger the burning

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