Essay On Cosmetic Products

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Based on the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of cosmetic is a preparation applied to the body, especially the face to improve its appearance. With the advance of the technology, we realize that there are many advertisement in the social media regarding the cosmetic products such as Facebook, Instagram, radio and so on. All of this social media were plays a vital role in social generally, because many people are using hand phone and they just used a finger tips then they will saw the advertisement of cosmetic products. According to Sa Liu, S. Katharine Hammond and Ann Rojas-Cheatham, cosmetic products contain thousands of chemical substances although it can let us become more beautiful. Cosmetic product is one of the beauty products and it can divide into three categories which is skin make-up, eyes make-up, and lips make-up. For skin make-up, it included of foundation, powder, concealer and blusher. Eyes make up includes mascara, eyes shadow, eye liner and eye brow while lips make up is lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liner. Nowadays, almost every female and some of the male will have the cosmetic products and they will make up before they go out especially when they go out for…show more content…
This is because only the beauty consultant of the company know the detail of their cosmetic products. When customer willing to buy cosmetic products, they will need a consultant to give them advice and explain to them the effect and the chemical substances that contain in the cosmetic products. It is better than the customers buy the cosmetic products without the explanation and shop selves. According to Eluxe Magazine, the customer can download the application which is ‘ Think Dirty’ and ‘Cosmetic Maze’ to check the ingredient of cosmetic products. It is very useful and convenient if there is no any consultant to explain about the cosmetic
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