Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Banned

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Cosmetic surgery is a unique surgery that uses to enhance appearance of a person through surgical and medical techniques. Nowadays, more and more people undergo cosmetic surgery in order to have a better appearance. This phenomenon leads the cosmetic surgery to become more popular. According to Korea as beauty-driven society (2012), Korea topped the list in 2010 in the number of cosmetic surgery operated . Cosmetic surgery has certain disadvantages such as it is harmful to the patients but it also has a lot of advantages such as it can improve self-confidence and also, improve health. Although some people argue that cosmetic surgery is risky, it should not be banned because it can improve self-esteem and quality health of life.

First , cosmetic
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Breast reduction can diminish the size and weight of huge, heavy breasts in order to create a suitable breast contour for a patient’s body by removing excess breast tissues and fats. Many patients choose breast reduction because it can reduce the back, neck, shoulder pain and poor posture. According to Chao et al. (2002), reduction mammaplasty can help people to relieve the pain and poor posture. For example, Ariel Winter undergoes breast reduction because huge breasts can affect her daily life, after the surgery, she feels happier in physically and mentally (New York Daily News 2016). Moreover, many patients can stand straighter and feel more comfortable when exercising after the surgery. Another cosmetic surgery that can boost health-related quality of life is gastric bypass surgery. Extra weight will lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and so on. Gastric bypass surgery can help obesity patients to lose weight rapidly by making the stomach smaller which can let the patients feel fuller soon after taking the foods and bypassing part of the intestines so that patients can absorb fewer calories. Gastric bypass surgery can help obesity people to lose weight and live healthier (Sarwer et al. 2003). For instance, Rosie O 'Donnell has vertical gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight and save her life…show more content…
Every surgeries carry risk, especially for those who have the history of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on will have a higher chance of developing complications during cosmetic surgery. Smoking will also carry risk and affect the healing. Some complications such as pulmonary embolism, blood clots, scarring and so on can occur during cosmetic surgery and if more serious, it can even cause death (Mayo clinic 2014). For example, a former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano died after having cosmetic buttock surgery, gluteoplasty due to pulmonary embolism, a blocked lung artery(CNN 2009). However , this argument is weak because with modern technology, cosmetic surgery can be done more successfully. For instance, compare to 2014 , there was a 2 percent increase in 2015 which 15.9 million of surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery was done in the United State ( Annual plastic surgery statistics reflect the changing face of plastic surgery 2016) . According to ‘New technologies change the face of plastic surgery’(2013), non invasive cosmetic surgery such as ultherapy is more safer and quicker. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin by triggering the production of collagen so that to make the skin firmer. This treatment is performed fast and short recovery time without leaving the scar. Ultherapy can let the patients look younger and

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