Essay On Cosmetology As A Career

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Have you ever heard of a cosmetologist? I bet you know what it is. The word is a little difficult but a cosmetologist is someone who styles hair, works on nails and provides skin services. Some cosmetologists are perm or hair color specialists, manicurists, pedicurists or a combination of all of those roles. There are lots of different careers that deal with styling hair but cosmetology comes with many more options and a wider variety of things to do.

Cosmetology requires anywhere from nine months to two years of beauty school, college or technical training. Licensure is also required in all states. In order to qualify for a license one must be sixteen years old, have a high school diploma and have graduated from a cosmetology school. When
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They still must wear disposable gloves and aprons incase they are allergic to the chemicals in the hair products. The chemicals in certain things may not be good for your skin so wearing gloves would be a good idea anyways. Also they’re on their feet most of the day, moving quickly to finish the task but to finish it correctly.

Cosmetology seems easy but also hard at the same time. To become a cosmetologist you don’t have to go to school for as long as you would with other careers. It still takes a high level of education but it doesn’t require four years of college. The training does sound difficult, imagine cutting someone’s hair for the first time. It would be a bad scene if you messed up but very good if you didn’t.

A world without cosmetologists would be so different. People would be trying to recreate styles on themselves. They’d be cutting in all the wrong places and it probably wouldn’t turn out how they expected it to. The point is just because it doesn’t seem like it, cosmetologists are important without them the world the world could be a mess because they’re trained in more than just “decorating
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