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Do you know what a cosmetologist is? A cosmetologist is a professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. Working calmly inside a salon or a barber shop must be nice. I chose cosmetology as my career because the environment in what they work in, how much they get payed and because that 's what I found most interesting to be my career. To become a cosmetologist all states require you to be licensed, and have had to have graduated and is a state approved cosmetologist. You must have a high school diploma or have passed a high school equivalency test before entering cosmetology. Schools you can attend are Avalon, Milan, Salon Success, and Bellus Academy. The environment they work in is inside a salon or a barber shop.…show more content…
Cosmetologist have more control over their income than employees in many professions. There is a wide variety of cosmetology careers you can pursue after earning a degree. The annual wage that cosmetologist make a year is $69,780 and earn over $20 per hour. You get paid to make people feel beautiful! Cosmetology has always interest me because of its good benefits. Cosmetologist who succeed in their business enjoy the opportunity to build relationships with clients. Trade shows and educational seminars, many cosmetologist use trainings venues to stay up with updates. Different ethnic groups are born with different types of hair, and hair textures and it will boost up more credibility. Also, comfortable work environments, flexibility, room for growth, and it is a oriented work environment. Being a cosmetologist is exciting because you don 't know whose hair, makeup, or nails you’re going to and how it 's going to come out. You’ll meet new people and make new clients and that’s how you’ll make more money. I chose cosmetology because it is very interesting where they work, it 's what I found most interesting, and last but not least is how much they get paid. There is a great amount of reasons to want to become a

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