Cosmology: The Big Bang Theory

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Cosmology Report It's impossible to completely understand what happens in our universe. Whether it is space battles or aliens experimenting on cows, no one will ever fully know what's out there. In this report, you will learn about what we know about our universe. To start you will begin by learning about the creation of the universe, then about what cosmology is, and end it with learning about our universe today. Cosmology is the study of stars, space, and the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. Many researchers and scientist say there wasn't anything before the Big Bang, that space, time, and even the universe all began at the same time as the Big Bang. To study the cosmology of the universe, NASA…show more content…
A planet is a universal object with enough mass to orbit around a star and round itself out without being able to create thermonuclear fusion. They have also cleared the universe of planetesimals(a body that could or did come together with many others under gravitation to form a planet ( Planet types: Terrestrial planets are planets that can support one form of life or another. Earth is a known Terrestrial planet in the milky way galaxy. Some other planets that can support life are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Saturn is a planet in a series of the Jovian planets, otherwise known as uninhabitable balls of gas along with Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. Those planets are composed of rock, carbon, and other inhabitable gasses.
Next, let's talk about the Big Bang Theory (Not the show). This theory was said to have occurred over 13 billion years ago. The most common theory that exists on how the universe came to be that has the most proof. It was thought of in the 1920´s and claims that the Big Bang was thought of how our universe came to be. It is said that 380,000 years after this event light was able to shine into the
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According to, “Astronomy is the study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, comets, gas, galaxies, gas, dust, and other non-Earthly bodies and phenomena. Astronomers study the stars and other things that are in space. There are two main types of astronomers, the observational astronomers who focus on the study of stars, planets, and galaxies, the second is theoretical astronomers who model and analyze how systems like stars and galaxies may have evolved. There are also seven other types of astronomers. One type is planetary astronomers they focus on the growth, evolution, and death of planets, stellar astronomers who study the stars, solar astronomers study our sun, galactic astronomers study the Milky Way there is another type of astronomer within this and they are called extragalactic astronomers who look outside of the Milky Way to see how these collections of stars form, change and die, cosmologists study the universe how it was created what it was like in the past compared to now, astrometry is the measurement of the sun, moon and planets, and early astronomers who noticed patterns in the sky and attempted to organize them in order to track and predict their
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