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When clothing contains 100% cotton, the threads often release a portion of the fabric dyes during the washing process. As a result the color of the cotton fades away and is more evident with dark colors. Due to this reason people are frightened to put their cotton clothes into the washing machines. Therefore, we tried to investigate a proper method for washing the cotton clothes in such way that it maintains its color. In order to do this, cotton clothes were washed and dried under different temperatures to observe the color changes. Results of the investigation was that cotton clothes have to be washed under specific temperature with other precautions in order to maintain their color. When the cotton clothes are washed and its colors
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The clothes may have been washed or dried at a temperature that is not suitable for them. The right washing powder, detergent or the right amount may not have been used. Also the time period of keeping the cotton clothes in the washing machine may not be accurate.
Therefore, in order to keep cotton clothes from fading, it needs to go through several steps. The first step is to inspect if the cotton clothes have stains. If stain is present then remove it by using liquid, gel, prewash stain remover or any other method of choice. Washing stained cotton clothes would leave a chance of the stain becoming permanent. Therefore, removing stain before wash would reduce the chances of stain lasting. However, removing or not removing the stain doesn’t have any effect on the fading of the clothes. Second step is to turn your garments inside out in order to preserve the brightness of colors. Then pour detergent in your washing machine. When using a detergent make sure it is in the liquid form. The reason for having a detergent in the liquid form is important because it dissolves better in cold water compared to the powder detergents which are not guaranteed to saturate completely. Then wash the cotton garments at low temperature. At high temperature the fiber breaks quickly causing the color to fade. Furthermore, if soft water is not available in the area where the wash is

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