Essay On Counseling Therapy

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Counselling and psychotherapy are essentially used to describe the same process of overcoming personal difficulties and work towards a positive change in one’s life. The early definition of counselling was more to do with legal advice side of things, such as offering legal advice or to seek legal counsel, but over the centuries that meaning evolved toward the more therapy based counselling. The next few paragraphs will include some of the historic origins of both counselling and psychotherapy and the potential similarities and differences between them, as most of the time there’s a potential confusion around these terms; some of the parallel concepts, such as pastoral support and the modern aspect of counselling and psychotherapy, from the psychodynamic approach to CBT and humanistic approach, all evolved to somehow make therapy more efficient.

The history of the study of counselling begins with the ancients Greek physician Hippocrates. Hippocrates believed that mental illness was the result of brain damage or an imbalanced of body fluids called humors. These fluids were not first brought by Hippocrates, but by the roman physician Galen. Galen
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Meaning that the old way of thinking about mental illness was that it was caused by the Gods or that there was some kind of super natural reason why people acted the way that they did, but Hippocrates taught that the brain was the organ of the mind, that changes of the brain and damage to the brain chanced the way that people thought and felt. This transition from looking at the external sources for the cause of mental illness to an internal sources such as the brain and the body is why Hippocrates gets so much credit, the understanding that it is within the person that lead to the changes in the way that think and
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