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Country music begins back in the 1800s. Individuals would play instruments such as fiddles, banjos, and guitars on their porches after a days worth of work. Back then technology such as radios and televisions was not even a thought. Therefore, country music was one of the first genres of modern American popular music, and old-time music was its earliest style. It developed in the southern states of the United States as a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church music and African American blues.
Old time music was first recorded in the 1920s. The Carter family became the most popular. A. P. Carter gathered folk songs and also composed new songs and he sang them in harmony with his guitar playing sister-in-laws, Maybelle and his wife,
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Therefore, they created a new style of music that would appeal to white adults who didn’t prefer rock and roll or country. They found singers with smooth voices and had them sing sweet ballads over orchestral strings and choirs. Surprisingly, the plan worked and sales of records from Nashville companies soon began to increase. In the mid-60s another style called country rock emerged. Gram Parsons was known for adding the rock and roll piano, rock guitar and elements of folk rock to his band’s country music sound. Bob Dylan also began mixing elements of country music into his folk rock sound. He recorded his first real country rock album in 1969 called Nashville Skyline with country musician Johnny Cash. Country pop was also developed in the 60s. Former rockabilly singer Roy Orbison began creating some of the best pop records ever made by a country-music artist. His voice was one of the most emotional and powerful of all popular music and he had a major influence on many later artists. A few well-known pop country artists from the present day are Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett, and Miranda Lambert. My personal favorite is Thomas
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