John Maxwell's Essay: What Makes Us Human?

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The famous quote “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional” by John Maxwell develops the thought of what growth actually is. There are various ways people can develop themselves, such as physically, emotionally, or spiritually. However, growth can ultimately be defined as bettering oneself. People could see themselves grow and flourish through an education, friendships, religion, or even something as simple as helping others. People may better themselves through these services by challenging their thoughts or having the courage to lead a service project. This growth that people are capable of makes us human. Each person can grow through their courage to question, to learn, and to understand. Moreover, people use that growth to define themselves,…show more content…
Sometimes people have their own certain biases and want to support those thoughts without looking at other’s opinions. People should have the courage to challenge their beliefs in order to grow. If a person’s idea can not stand after looking at a countering belief, then is it an idea worth having? People should have the courage to grow their views so that the beliefs they possess are worth having.
For example, “It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul… Courage to think.” (Cornel West) Courage of growth can lead to acknowledging concepts that we may not be knowledgeable of.
When people have the courage to question their beliefs in order to grow, they could recognize their mistakes and imperfections. Moreover, this could instill people to better themselves as they fix their mistakes and gradually try to perfect their weaknesses in order to grow. Rene says,
“They’re all ways of acknowledging our finitude and fallibility.” From courage, people can grow as they learn to question and acknowledge their mistakes in order to -ultimately- mend themselves.

One of the best feelings in life is to genuinely understand a notion or idea. We all have a will from God to choose what we want to learn or to achieve. Our conscious allows us to select the knowledge we want to gain in life and whether or not we want to become more

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