Courage To Remedy Other People's Blunder Analysis

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Courage to Remedy Other People’s Blunder
Ironically, many people who admire heroes such as Superman in fantasy and Nelson Mandela in reality often ignore other’s difficulty and hardly try to stand against unjust problems. Most of the people believe firmly that they are righteous and brave enough to take action immediately like them, but it is quite difficult in the event. I also trusted myself that I was a dauntless person, believing that I was powerful and brave enough to save anyone in danger, until I got through one event. The event happened when I was a 6th grader in elementary school. Since my mother concerned me a lot and thought that it was too dangerous to me to come alone at night, she always took me home from English academy although
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Few days later, the victim’s mother visited us and gave us cookies for a repayment. She showed appreciation to us very much. I was pleased and excited that my mother and I helped somebody hit by a car. On the other hand, I felt guilty and embarrassed a bit as that virtue and righteous thing was neither came from my own will nor acted without any hesitation. If my mother had not been there, maybe I would not have helped the victim. I realized that it required quite a lot of courage to help strangers. Also I wondered why helping other people became an extraordinary and brave thing. In fact, what my mother did should be natural and reasonable measure. Mother said to me, “It is our responsibility to follow the tacit social manual, the commonsensical rule that we have to carry out in certain situation. For example, when we see the situation like yesterday, the reasonable manual should be to check the victim and call the protector and 119 first. Moreover, when it comes to the witness like us, it is the witness' responsibility to stop people who are 'breaching' those manual that they ought to follow. If we do follow and carry out these responsibilities, we can prevent unfair incidents.” Actually, helping others in difficulty or advising to someone doing wrong without constraint should be certain and normal thing. However, it is difficult to see that ‘normal’ thing in our daily life, and even there are people who easily ignore it. Although we become reluctant and feel scared to come forward, it is our duty to help people follow the appropriate steps to solve problem and prevent people like the driver from being irrational. Still sometimes I imagine what might have happened if I had ignored her and gone to home. Maybe I would regret a lot. Also when I see others who seem to need help, I remind the accident which I could reflect myself dithering to ban the
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