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The courier industry basically drives its customers through time-definite, reliable transportation services for documents, packages, couriers and freight. This is done via a combination of strong transport network that includes road, rail, sea and air for door-to-door delivery. This extensive distribution system is supported by infrastructure that includes hubs, warehouses, IT technology and human resources, and offices and service locations in various cities inclusive of tier-1, tier-2 other smaller cities as well.
Over the past two decades, courier services have grown increasingly important to businesses needing to use "just-in-time" manufacturing and retailing techniques and supply-chain logistics in order to remain competitive. Increasing dependance on these
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This segment comprises letters, financial instruments and other documents. The typical weight per shipment is up to 500 gms. This is the traditional segment for the courier industry, and is expected to grow at 12-15% per annum.
These are shipments containing commercial goods like electronic products, samples, spare parts, air conditioners and other commercial commodities. Growth in this segment is expected to be 30-35% per annum. This segment can be divided into two broad sub-segments:
Air Shipment: This is made up of high-value and time-sensitive shipments that move through air transport. The typical weight per shipment is up to 50 kgs.
Ground Shipment: These shipments have a transit time of 2-5 days, depending on the destination. Shipments are typically high-weight or low-value.
Broadly speaking, the express industry comprises two sectors:
• The domestic segment, where movements occur within the country, and
• The international segment, where movements occur from/to other

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