Ten Principles To Live By Essay

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There are many principles in life to which we as people live by. Each individual strives to do his or her best no matter the task; however, life always tends to throw obstacles in our way. Furthermore, there are ways that people continue to feel motivated with themselves when obstacles in life occur. Whether it’s little things such as eating breakfast in the morning to keep them going all day, or setting a future goal to push themselves forward. The book Cowboy Ethics was published in the year 2004, by James P. Owen, in which he created the “Ten Principles to Live By”. Many are inspirational, but the principle that caught my eye was to always finish what you start. Not only does this concept help with internal guidance, but it also influences…show more content…
The only way to success is by trying and never stopping. If people drop out of high school, college or quit their jobs, they have just given up on themselves and their futures. Without a high school education, nobody can earn their diploma; which means, they have to earn their GED. With this form of certificate, a person can get into college; however, if one does not earn his or her GED, the person will most likely have a low paying job, with barely any benefits. This is the same concept as dropping out of college, no college degree means a less paying job. With this in mind, it would be wise for people to work hard, suffer through the pain and become a wonderful and outstanding person. Graduate from high school. Graduate from college and be employed to a well paying job with benefits. If true cowboys worked hard every day and never gave up, as they were based off of the “Ten Principles to Live By”, why should people have their legacies die? There are little to no more people who push through the obstacles life throws, and whenever they are hit with one, they give up. I had to deal with a speech impediment when I was younger, overcame it by taking speech classes and never gave up. Now I do not struggle with speaking and it has affected my life, for I am no longer bullied because of this issue. Everything that I started, I finished. Reading was
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