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Totally Crazy Hairstyles: 35 Zany Cuts and Vivid Colors
What’s a crazy hairstyle? Well, it’s relative – what’s crazy for one person may not be so wild for another. Crazy hairstyles are basically unconventional styles, ones that aren’t suited for mainstream work or school looks. If you are looking for something different and unique, think of trying vivid colors, razor patterns, man ponies, braids, and vintage styles – and if you’re feeling really bold why not combine them! Here are some of our favorite outrageous looks:

# 1 Silver Art
For a one of a kind look, you could try combining the gray hair fashion with the hair art trend just like this model did. He’s wearing a fashionable fade with spiky hair in the center colored a silvery gray and geometric patterns expertly shaved on the side.

# 2 Unicorn
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The model is wearing his dreads in two sections, one on top leaning toward the front and the other at the back, just resting on the collar.

# 23 Jayden’s Crazy Hairstyle
Jayden Smith is often seen with out there looks like this. In this example, he’s got medium length tidy dreadlocks, piled on the top of his head and leaning over slightly to the side.

# 24 Rock and (Jelly) Roll
To pull off this rock and roll style you’ll need medium length hair, with a low undercut along the sides. The hair is folded in from both sides, and slightly forward in front, forming a neat jellyroll.

# 25 Blue Flash
If you love the blue hair of the merman trend but aren’t quite ready for full color you could start off with a brilliant blue streak like this. The stylist used a light aquamarine and deep sea blue for this models look.

# 26 All Over Teal
This model has a full beard and moustache with a medium length hairstyle, styled up down the middle. He’s colored all his hair and all his facial hair (apart from his eyebrows) a light teal green – what an effect!

# 27 Screaming

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