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Since the existence of human beings, there have been creation myths to explain how life existed on the planet. These creation myths have a huge impact on how people view utopia. Nearly every culture or society has its own creation myth, which is just a version of how humans came to exist on the planet Earth. Many religions also have their own versions, such as the Christians, Islamic, and Jewish. Some cultures with creation myths include the Greeks, the Romans, the Norse, the Chinese, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Sumerians, the Japanese, the Korean and the Native Americans. Others include the idea of humans and animals living in harmony, but being split up by a sin committed by humans or having it taken away by the gods or heavenly beings.(Murtagh, For example, the Greek creation myth says that Zeus, the leader of the gods, gave a human named Pandora a box and told her not to open it. However, she became curious and opened the box anyway, leading to the release of everything in the box, including sickness, pain, greed, and more. (Murtagh, Another example is in Christian creation myths, where God…show more content…
Myths that include gods becoming part of the land include Greek and Chinese creation myths. According to the Greek creation myths, Gaea, one of the first goddesses, became the goddess of the Earth while Ouranos became the god of the sky. (Murtagh, The Chinese creation myth says that in the very beginning, there was only a large egg that contained a god named P’an Ku. However, P’an Ku eventually grew too big for the egg and burst it. After this, he began to form the Earth, digging out rivers and valleys, and eventually became part of the Earth when he died, with his flesh turning into the soil and his bones turning into rocks. (Shumov,
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