Theoretical Knowledge Vs Practical Knowledge

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Knowledge is not a concrete substance but an abstract concept that we construct ourselves, personally and socially, throughout the whole of our lives . The process of constructing knowledge is vast and immeasurable. When it comes to the point of knowledge, there are different kinds of knowledge and different ways of acquiring them and on one side its theoretical knowledge and on other is practical knowledge.
Application is defined as the action of putting something into special use or purpose. Creation of knowledge can be influenced by the application. We apply various ideas and thought in many aspects in our day to day lives to acquire knowledge. However at some point theoretical knowledge that we learn in today’s world has no purpose of
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Knowledge that we gain from science is always reasonable and justified, such as theoretical knowledge or practical knowledge has many practical application use in our daily life. Initially the basic concept of science is taught through theoretical knowledge from the textbook and then these theoretical knowledge is used as a base to gain practical knowledge, which in turn creates the two types of knowledge are mixed together where they are applied in reality.

Physics is the study of the interaction between energy and matter. It has many applications in our day to day lives. The x-ray which was discovered by physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen in November 8th 1895 has influenced today’s world in the field of medicine. The concept of x-ray is formed through the theoretical concepts of wavelengths and electromagnetic radiation which is used in the field of medicine where the concepts of light is applied for use of health. The electromagnetic spectrum consist of various forms of radiations with varying frequency energy and wavelength. UV rays, infrared rays and x-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. X-rays have high frequency unlike visible lights, which gives x-rays more energy and thus enables them to penetrate human tissue cells. Since bones in our body contains calcium which is denser than other tissues, and this allows them to
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The theoretical knowledge that we gain through studies of experiments or from the proven theories has no application in our lives but the value of knowledge does not diminish. This happens because different perspectives of knowledge affect the value of the knowledge. The premise suggests that for different people the required knowledge for them is different for other people, as such the level of importance given to this knowledge is relatively less or given a great importance. For instance the study of Andromeda galaxy also defined by the astronomer as, M31, or NGC 224 is a spiral type galaxy, which is about 2.4million light-years from the Milky Way galaxy and this galaxy is known to be the nearest galaxy from Milky Way. The insight of nearest galaxy does not have any application in our day to day life or any uses in our lives. Furthermore, the study of galaxies are related to astronomy, which is considered a pseudo-science. This means that astronomy’s logical reasoning does not always create real knowledge, hence faith is also needed for people to believe what they think. Therefore although the knowledge has no application the value of the knowledge is greatly beneficial to different

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