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My intentions to study at the New York Film Academy is to be in an immersive experience of acting while also being surrounded by fellow Actors whom I can learn and grow with also and in an environment that is full of creative industry people. I wish to study and have 100% heart and soul into the course so much that I can feel myself not only growing as an Actor but as a person as well. My Desired study field is Acting for Film & Television, the reason I chose this field is to further my studies in film and television acting, I have learnt a lot of stage acting and technical sides of how stage shows work but I would like to learn more about Acting for Film & Television as it is one of my goals for my future.

I feel that I will fit into your
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I’m also feeling inspired by things I watch or listen too, people that I talk to and books that I read, the best thing for me was to put that inspiration into something which is how I found creative arts. Acting has always attracted me since a young age as I loved to become different characters, being able to take on a character and discover and learn the story they have to tell through there thoughts and emotions. I feel acting as also made me a better person as from learning and becoming these different characters I feel as though I understand people better that are around me, I, of course, will never fully understand somethings but I can connect to them better knowing that I have an idea of how they are feeling. Acting is a way for me to challenge myself every time I take on a new character as they always have new emotions and new experiences and challenges that they, being able to take on the character is one thing but to be able to capture them and completely become the character is exciting for me as I can feel that I have brought the character to life. The final thing that I love about acting is when you can capture the audience members just by expressing the character to them, it doesn’t particularly have to be through sadness but it can be happy or an array of emotions, but being able to
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