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Keep up with your reading and learn anything as you go along. Don't just give up on it because you are writing and that is taking so much of your time. There are answers to most things that worry a hobbyist writer. You might get bored and wanting a greater understanding of writing or a better general knowledge for the sake of writing or just for its own sake reduces boredom. Keep up all your reading and don't lose hope that you can become a better writer. Don't analyze too much and don't analyze too little but read things that are relevant to where you are in learning the writing craft.
They say everything about human culture ultimately is a bit of a wobbly issue. It seems that there are some really simple and basic but not very good ideas
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Perhaps, you should not analyze things too much as they will not give you what you want back from this analysis.
There is a basic problem in creative writing that people often ask about from a young age but don't get proper answers to. And that is if they are going to write what they know, then
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You might not want to be one. Yet, these are often the very people who become writers because they do not think that they can get all their information from a newspaper or from televised debates. And technology often reduces to politics anyway. It is about whether people have money for the most recent consumer technology and if technology has social implications and a few other things as well. Another problem with many books is often that you have the good guys and the bad guys. Who should be each one?
Still, other writers' books can give balance even if one book has bad guys who are only one type of person. You have to have the bad guys different in some way from the good guys so people can follow the plot, who's doing what and who's talking.
Bad people count in writing. This is because writing has to be about action and people who don't always follow the rules or it would be boring or feel disappointing. Any book where the character prevaricated about doing something and then decided against it would finish unsatisfactorily and too early. You have to see what happens for yourself. Writing is often about extremes and not the mundane. This means bad things sometimes have to happen.
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