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Creativity and Education

The important goal of education is to develop and nurture creative individuals and original thinkers. Effort to develop creativity and innovative faculties in individuals should start in pre-primary and primary school levels. According to the pride of our nation Dr. A.P.J. Kalam “Creativity is the key to success in the future and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level”. However, our present education system does not seem to be very conducive to the development of such traits, as it tends to emphasize training of young children in schools with a highly structured curriculum and syllabus that require long hours in school, and homework in the evening. This is unlikely to develop
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Most training programs beyond doubt assume that creativity is a general ability or process.

Creativity and discipline are not antithetical–creative individuals practice much and work hard, but extensive reliance on overly structured activities can thwart the impulse to create, with negative effects on students ' well-being. Students with high ability will perform better than others in activities that require design, imagination, or invention, but participation in such activities encourages the disposition to create in students at any level of ability.
Creative individuals often elicit negative reactions from others by violating social norms and expectations. In a school setting, care should be taken to distinguish creative students from students who cause disturbances due to emotional or social problems. Creative students who find ways to engage others in their projects are likely to become outgoing and adopt leadership roles. Creative students who experience difficulties in this regard are likely to engage in individual projects. In short, high creativity is compatible with both social and individualistic life styles; either outcome is
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