Managing A Crime Scene Essay

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Locations of crime scenes materialize anywhere after a crime occurs examples include the back bedroom of a residence or an exposed clandestine grave located off the side of the road. No doubt, managing a scene can be a painstaking obligation requiring authorities to maintain a keen eye for details. Historically, crime scene processed with the use of 35mm cameras, tape methods, measuring wheels, sketch pads and video cameras to document post event scenes. (Fletche, 2007)

All things considered, technology exists for improved scene documentation with precision survey grade accuracy. Leading establishments such as Faro and Leica are paving the way in fast and precise 3D scanning for today’s law enforcement. How a scanner works depends on the how the scan station manufactured. By the same token, a precisely focused laser emits a pulse of light at an object, and calculates the time it takes to return to the station. Since science tells us the speed of light is a constant 186,000 meters per second a mathematical equation gives an accurate measurement. (Rataj, 2017)

Moreover, from an investigative perspective 3D laser scanning techniques and Photogrammetry provides a frozen state of data at a crime
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In the case where a decaying corpse found in a living room in his apartment for around two weeks. The medical examiner’s discovered patterned injuries on three patterned bone wounds on the individuals’ skullcap consistent with blunt force trauma. The detectives assigned found bloodstains on the carpet, ceiling, furniture, and in the kitchen. After a 3D scanner used to document the scene, then feed into a software program. Paradoxically, the data along with the medical examiner report the recognized injuries are as a result of being struck by the butt end of a gun. (Buck, et al.,

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